Skippers Cafe, Whitby

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Skippers Cafe Challenges

The Trawlerman Challenge

Trawlers are the large fishing boats that typically are out to sea for weeks at a time. A ritual of the trawlermen before a long stay at sea would be to call into the café for a Big Breakfast so with this is mind “The Trawlerman Challenge” was born. Can you handle one of these Legendary breakfasts.

Time Limit: 30 Minutes

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What’s included:

8 Bacon, 8 Sausages, 8 Fried Eggs, 8 Hash Browns, 4 Black Pudding, 4 Half Tomatoes, 4 Portions of Beans, 4 Portions of Mushrooms, 4 Toast, 2 Fried Bread and 2 Bread ‘n’ Butter

Prize: The Meal will be free of charge and £20 Cash.



"The Kraken" Ultimate Breakfast Challenge

The Monster of the Sea feared by Sailors and Skippers a like. Who is brave enough to take on this time old quest and conquer "The Kraken". Who will be crowned Champion.

This is the World's Largest Full English Breakfast weighing in at over 6KG. A breakfast of this size deserved a name of such monster proportions and there is none greater than "The Kraken" a monster of the deep so large its tentacles can rip apart ships.

The Kraken

This Challenge exists in two forms:

Individual Challenge: You will have 1 hour to complete this meal with no substitutions allowed.

Team Challenge: Team’s of up to 4 People may take on this challenge together. There is no time limit on this as each team is competing to finish in the fastest time.

What’s Included:

16 Bacon, 16 Sausages, 16 Hash Browns, 6 Fried Eggs, 6 Scrambled Eggs, 6 Black Pudding, 6 Portions of Tomatoes, 6 Portions of Beans, 6 Portions of Mushrooms, 6 Toast, 6 Fried Bread, 6 Bread ‘n’ Butter and last but not least 2 Sides of Chips.

Individual Prize: The meal will be free of charge and you will win an instant £50 Cash. You will also receive a Free T-shirt and certificate in recognition of your achievement. A Photo will also be placed on the Café wall.

Team Prize: Each Member of the Team will receive a free T-shirt and Certificate in recognition of their victory. The Team will then be placed onto the Leader board where the Fastest team over the 6 Month period will win a £100 Cash Prize.